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ACTIVITY SECTORS Noesis ITALIA S.r.I. was created in 1997 in order to satisfy the increasing demand for quality and integration between the research, consulting, planning, implementation and management services of the "global market".

Noesis is made up of professionals and companies of proven experience which have decided to create an operating network working in close cooperation, with an ever increasing awareness of the economic, social and environmental issues.

Noesis staff members have devoted many years of their lives to the advancement of "progress", showing commitment, competence and reliability: today their objective is to bring their experience to an organization which is competitive enough for the extremely diverse and complex cultural situation which characterizes the contemporary world.

These professionals also wish to contribute to the creation of a market which at the same time reflects their own values, is reasonably sustainable, is organized according to controlled processes, is overseen by wise management and is defined by boundaries which make legitimate each anthropological trasformation in the different natural ecosystems.

Noesis ITALIA S.r.I. therefore represents a gamble on the part of a group of people who want to look forward and are not afraid to appear lacking in rationality; especially when being "rational" means to be moving within boundaries which show no vitality, charm or sense of Utopia.