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ACTIVITY SECTORS Noesis Italia S.r.l. was established in 1997 with the aim of creating greater synergy between various freelance professionals who also continue to enjoy their individual positions.

Noesis Italia mainly operates, through its partners and specific technical consultancies, in the infrastructures sector, particularly hydraulics and water infrastructures, waste water treatment and the mobility and traffic road sector.

The partners (three engineers, two surveyors, a geologist, an architect and a lawyer) have thirty years’ competence and experience in design and works management as regards aqueducts and sewerage sectors, cleaning plants, irrigation, hydraulics and hydrogeology, civil engineering, and enjoying stable synergies with University departments and engineering companies.

In carrying out its activity it has always respected the professional deontological code and regulations governing specific performances, without encountering any problems, focusing on innovative systems research and, in the polluted sites reclamation sector, acquiring the rights to use patented technologies and developing operative synergies with multinational companies and with valid University departments.

As mentioned, NOESIS ITALIA Srl, an OICE associated engineering company, has synergic relations with University Departments (Milan Polytechnic, Torino Polytechnic, Bologna University, Padua University, Trieste University) and national and international companies like Environmental Resources Management, Montgomery Watson Harza, SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria Spa, Studio Altieri Spa, Tecnovia Srl, Green Lab Srl, ATA Engineering Srl, NetMobility Srl, Transport Planning Service Srl, Metals Treatment Technologies LLC, Advanced BioSystem LLC, Terra Therm Inc. and PyroGenesis Inc.

Ing. Insalaco, in a personal capacity and/or as managing director of Noesis Italia srl, has been responsible for the general design of seven municipal aqueduct networks from 1988 to 1994, for an overall amount of approx. 24 million euro.

He has been responsible for the general design of eight municipal sewer networks from 1990 to 2006, for an overall amount of approx. 125 million euro.

He has been responsible for the design, works management and safety coordination (some still underway), involving a total amount of approx. 40 million euro, relative to sewer, aqueduct and cleaning works in the period since 1985.

He has been responsible for the design, works management and safety coordination (some still underway), involving a total amount of approx. 25 million euro, relative to hydraulic and hydrogeological protection works.

He has been responsible for the design, works management and safety coordination in civil engineering projects involving a sum of approx. 10 million euro.

He has carried out urban traffic studies and plans for five municipal road networks.

He has been responsible for the design, works management and safety coordination (some still underway) of road works, involving a total amount of approx. 20 million euro.

He owns the rights or enjoys the use of patented technologies or plant systems for the reclamation of land, mud, sediments polluted with heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pesticides, IPA, PCB, furan dioxins, as well as waste incinerators and gasifiers.

In the aqueduct sector, together with the GreenLab Srl and Noesis Italia S.r.l., he is developing an integrated DSS – ACB system specifically relative to research into water losses for correct management of resources via appropriate dedicated software as an integrated decision-making support.

Noesis Italia S.r.l. has been responsible for the organisation, coordination and drafting of the technical-economic offer for extraction and analysis services relative to the Laguna di Marano e Grado in ATI with Eurostrade S.r.l., AGAT Laboratories Lmt and SONIC Soil Sampling Inc.

Noesis Italia S.r.l. has been responsible with the I.A.L. F.V.G. in Udine for technical consultancy and notes relative to technologies for the reclamation of polluted sites, and together with Montgomery Watson s.p.a., Centro Regionale Servizi per Piccole e Medie Industrie s.p.a., AMGA s.p.a., AGEMONT s.p.a. Carniaacque s.p.a. it has been the promoter of the I.A.L. F.V.G. 2002/2003 courses in Udine relative to:

  • Technician’s course for integrated water management;
  • Technician’s course for environmental safety and the environment;
  • Technician’s course for the reclamation of contaminated terrain.

  • Ing. E. Insalaco was the rapporteur together with James Barthel – Metals Treatment Technologies, LLC, Wheat Eidge, Colorado (USA) – and Enrico Mazzocchi – Consultant, Calgary, Alberta (Canada) – relative to “Innovative technologies for the permanent stabilization of heavy metals present in soil, mud, sediment and refuse of active and abandoned ore mines” in the plenary report of session B of 5/11/2004, ECOMONDO, 2004; he was also rapporteur with Raffaele Ostan – Consulenti associati, Milan – and Enrico Mazzocchi – Consultant, Calgary, Alberta (Canada) – as regards “Rotary heat exchanger. The optimum way to thermally desorb soil, sediment and mud contaminated with a variety of organic substances” in the poster session of 5/11/2004, ECOMONDO, 2004.
    For some months he has been involved in exploratory talks with various public authorities in Russia regarding specific projects in the environmental, infrastructure and industrial sectors involving various government and municipal departments.
    Within this context, in which there are already some ongoing agreements with a number of Russian companies, reinforced by partneriats with multinational and Italian companies, and enjoying open and constructive dialogue with Ing. Nobile, he feels confident that he can implement synergies with SOGIN S.p.A., thereby involving it in projects that can be proposed (with or without tenders), adopting a management and/or operative role, in accordance with specific agreements; he also feels he can be actively involved in a number of operations within the global-partnership context managed by SOGIN S.p.A.
    More generally, he feels an effective collaboration is also possible in Italy, specifically in the infrastructures and environmental sector, given NOESIS ITALIA S.r.l.’s access to American and Canadian technologies used by the EPA, relative to polluted sites reclamation, special and industrial solid urban refuse treatment and solid refuse treatment.

    Main sectors

    1. Polluted land reclamation – Bioremediation – Thermal desorption – Gasifiers – Heavy metals stabilisation;
    2. Aqueducts and sewers;
    3. Civil and industrial cleaning plants;
    4. Hydrogeological protection works;
    5. Environmental and landscape design and planning;
    6. Civil, industrial and hospital solid refuse treatment and disposal plants;
    7. Reclamation and irrigation;
    8. Bioagriculture;
    9. Research;
    10. Geology and geotechnics;
    11. Civil, industrial and hospital structures;
    12. Monumental works restoration;
    13. Civil, industrial, electrical, special and general services plants;
    14. Road works;
    15. Topography, special surveys, cartography, graphics – numerical data banks, photogrammetry;
    16. Photographic and thermographic surveys.